One2One-Productions is a sounduniverse.

Here you can see the projects I am working on most of the time as a musician and producer - mainly in collaboration with fellow friends

In Mix Record and Master you'll find productions I've been working on as a sound engineer.

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Alexander Michael Ranft

Deep beats, trancey melodies and dubby basslines. One2One combine various styles of electronic music, acoustic instruments and all kinds of vibes from all over the world. Amazing guest musicians are featured on most of the tracks. Check out fresh tunes and infos here.

Progressive multistyle Rockband based in Krautland. The amazing Album "A Twist of Fake" is available as Download and CD.

This Album was produced, recorded and mixed in the Free-D Lab

Videos, Gigs and other news from Orangepeeler here.

Alex's DJ and Electro-Solo-Project - mainly focused on Psytrance and Ambient and stuff inbetween. Check out loads of unreleased material and infos.